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Affordable Land Services

Providing for your needs in the areas of excavation, and land improvement.

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Welcome to Affordable Land Services. We’re a Houston area civil site work contractor with experience in commercial, industrial, multifamily, single family residential, educational, and oil and gas markets. Our clients include Houston area developers, engineers, realtors, home builders, general contractors, and businesses in the industrial and petrochemical sector. The scope of our work includes land clearing, excavation, drainage, site preparation, soil stabilization, underground utilities, demolition, and concrete paving.


Land Services and Construction By alsincorporated.com

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Land Clearing 77221

Did you purchase a property and plan on building a home or another structure on it? Land clearing might be necessary before you can start planning for the construction project. This service consists in removing any trees and bushes to prepare a parcel for construction. This process also includes grinding any tree stumps that are left over and moving any large boulders that would get in the way.

Land Clearing Contractors 77221

Land clearing contractors specialize in getting parcels ready before a construction project can begin. Land clearing typically consists in removing vegetation and boulders and in preparing the terrain for construction. Contractors who specialize in land clearing can for instance cut trees, remove bushes and grind tree stumps.

Land Clearing Services 77221

Using land clearing services is your best option if you purchased a property and are planning for a construction project. Construction cannot begin until the terrain is ready, which might require you to remove any trees, bushes and boulders that are in the way. Land clearing services can use heavy-duty equipment to clear the property before construction can begin.

Land Clearing Companies 77221

Land clearing companies offer different services that you might need if you are planning on having a home built on a property. If there are trees and other obstacles present on the property, a land clearing company will be able to get rid of the trees and prepare the area for construction. You can also use one of these companies to clear a path so that the home builders you hired can easily transport materials and machines to the area.

Brush Clearing 77221

Getting a parcel ready for construction can be time-consuming if the parcel is covered in brush. The best way to clear vegetation is to rely on a brush clearing service. These professionals can use equipment to efficiently get rid of vegetation on an entire parcel in just a matter of hours and get the area ready for your construction project.

Detention Pond 77221

Draining water from a property can be challenging if you do not have the right equipment or do not use the right methods. If you need to get rid of a body of water, your best option is to get help from professionals who can dig a detention pond. A detention pond will prevent flooding and allow the water to slowly drain to another area.

Retention Pond 77221

Transferring a body of water from one area to another might be necessary if you want to get a property ready for construction. Using a retention pond is a common option since these ponds can be used to indefinitely store a body of water. This is a quick and easy way to remove water from one area while creating another body of water on the property.

Stormwater 77221

Stormwater can become an issue if it has nowhere to go, especially if you are located in an area where precipitation tends to be high. If you just purchased a property and are worried about potential flooding during storms, your best option is to add a stormwater retention system so that the water will be naturally diverted to a pond or to a nearby stream.

Pond Liner 77221

Did you know that natural ponds are bodies of water that can maintain themselves? However, artificial ponds might not be able to maintain themselves due to the soil present under the water. It is best to use a pond liner if the soil is too porous and would cause the water to drain too quickly. Using a pond liner is also a good option if you want to protect fish and algae from a soil that would be too acidic for them.

Detention Basin 77221

Moving water from one area to another or getting rid of stormwater is something that you should hire a professional to do. Land clearing professionals have the knowledge and equipment necessary to build a detention basin. These basins are used to redirect the water to an area with a low level and contain the water while it is drained to another basin, a pond or a stream.

Pond Maintenance 77221

If there is a pond on your property, you should hire a pond maintenance professional. Ponds need to be cleaned regularly since leaves and other debris can accumulate at the bottom. The presence of decaying material can create an unhealthy environment for the flora and the fauna of the pond. You might also want to have a professional turn the pump no and off if you use a pump.

Pond Design 77221

A pond can really increase the value of your property and make it a lot more enjoyable, especially in the spring and summer. Pond design is important because the shape, depth and location of the pond will influence the ecological balance of the pond. You need to get help from an expert who will be able to create a design that will sustain life if you want to have fish in your pond.

Stormwater Detention 77221

A property without a stormwater detention system is going to get flooded sooner or later. Stormwater is usually absorbed by the ground but an important storm can cause the ground to become saturated. It is best to have a stormwater detention system so that the excess water will be either redirected to a basin or to a nearby stream to prevent flooding when snow melts or when a storm brings important precipitation.

Pond Soil Stabilization 77221

If there is a pond on your property, you need to make sure that the pond is healthy enough to sustain itself and to sustain life as well. Pond soil stabilization might be necessary so that the pond can eliminate wastewater. Soil stabilization usually requires macrophytic plants to be introduced to the pond and other microorganisms might be added to the pond too in order to create a healthy environment.

Lime Stabilization 77221

The composition of the lime that can be found at the bottom of a pond is very important. A pond is a small ecosystem and there need to be a balance between the fish and other organisms that live in the pond. This includes the microorganisms that can be found at the bottom of the pond. Lime stabilization might be required if the balance is off since waste will not be eliminated from a pond if the right plants and organisms are not present at the bottom.

Soil Cement 77221

Soil cement is a very popular option for pavement bases. This type of soil is created by pulverizing water and cement on natural soil. This technique is very affordable and allows you to create a durable parking area on your property or even to create a road that goes up to your home. Soil cement is very durable because it has a high density and the cement particles are hydrated to create a hard surface.

Select Fill 77221

Elevation is probably going to be one of the first things you need to worry about if you are preparing a property for construction. Some areas might be too low for your project, and you are going to need to find an efficient and affordable way to fill these areas. Select fill is an excellent option because this material is a mixture of sand and clay. Select fill is often used under a foundation and will not expand over time.

Select Fill Dirt 77221

You need to have a flat surface before you can lay a foundation for a home. If the elevation of the area where you would like to build your home is not ideal, your best option is to add some select fill dirt to create a more even surface. Select fill dirt is a very inexpensive mix of clay and sand that is often used to increase elevation.

Fill Dirt 77221

Do you need to make a few changes to the elevation of your property in 77221 TX? Whether you want to fill some holes or create some mounds as a part of your property design, you need to find an affordable and efficient way to modify the elevation. Fill dirt is an excellent option because this is a quick and easy way to change the elevation and vegetation can still grow on this dirt.

Dirt Work 77221

Dirt work might be required if you need to adjust the elevation of a property. Adding or removing dirt is a common method to even out the elevation of a property, create an area with a lower level so you can have a pond or a stormwater detention system or to create some areas with a higher elevation for design purposes. You might have to introduce additional dirt on your property if your goal is to increase the elevation.

Gravel Driveway 77221

Gravel driveway are very popular because they are stylish and easy to maintain. A gravel driveway allows rainwater to drain and you can easily give your driveway the shape you want. If you opt for a gravel driveway, you should be ready to maintain it regularly, which usually includes adding some gravel when needed and raking the gravel.

Road Construction 77221

Having a road built on your property is your best option if you need to make some areas more accessible. Turning a dirt path into a real road can really make your home more accessible, especially if you are located in an area where snow and storms are fairly frequent. Adding a road to your property is easier than you think if you hire the right professionals.

Building Pads 77221

If you want to have a home built, one of the first steps you will have to take is to have a building pad installed. The building pad provides builders with a template for the home and helps them start building the walls in the right places. The building pad will also give you a better idea of what the final result will look like and you might decide to make a few changes once the building pad is laid out.

Laydown Yard 77221

A laydown yard is a large area that is used by construction companies to store materials during a construction project. Transporting material is time-consuming and costs money, which is why most construction companies will create a lawydown yard next to a construction site so that all the construction materials can be transported to the area and properly stored in the yard.

Lay Down Yard Pipe Yard 77221

Transporting construction pipes often requires the use of an oversized load. Since transporting construction materials is not easy and can be expensive, most builders will use a lay down yard pipe yard in order to store pipes and other construction materials right next to the building site. This is a practice that saves money and helps builders bring the right materials to the site in a manner that is more time-efficient.

Industrial Contractors 77221

Industrial contractors specialize in building and renovating industrial structures. The size of these structures is usually different from what residential contractors typically work on and the materials used are also different. The rules and regulations that need to be followed for the construction of industrial structures are very different too, which is why it is important to hire industrial contractors for this type of projects.

Civil Construction 77221

Civil construction refers to the construction of large structures such as bridges, dams and roads. Civil construction also includes the construction of larger buildings and the development of entire areas. Contractors who specialize in this type of construction usually work on projects financed by state or local governments.

Heavy Civil Construction 77221

Heavy civil construction projects typically include projects that require some important changes to be made to the environment. These projects can for instance include the construction of a large dam that will provide an entire city with water. Heavy civil construction also includes the constructions of roads, bridges, tunnels and other infrastructure elements.

Heavy Civil Construction Companies 77221

Heavy civil construction companies specialize in large-scale construction projects. These companies can for instance prepare entire areas for development, build roads, create bridges and dig tunnels. It is not uncommon for civil construction companies to work on large government buildings as well. Thank you for considering us for land clearing services in 77221 Texas.

Strategic Weed Abatement
You want to protect your property against the high fire danger that threatens homes in Western Riverside County, California. Tall and dry grass is more than just an eyesore. Blazes can spread rapidly through dead vegetation. Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your land and your neighbors from infamous California wildfires. Smith Tractor Services helps you take precautions to fortify your land against disaster by creating a defensible space around your property and your neighbors property by removing extra plants and grasses that can quickly catch fire.

Preparing Your Land for Use
Imagine being able to use land that has been overgrown with trees, thickets, and vegetation. Don’t be overwhelmed by the labor needed to get rid of the growth. Our land clearing professionals will work around your schedule to quickly clear your land so you can start on your projects. Trust us with your shrubbery and tree removal needs. Aside from vegetation, non-organic material can prevent you from using your land to its fullest potential. Ask us about our debris clearing services.

Thomas Land Clearing Company has been providing demolition, asbestos abatement, lead paint removal and mole abatement since 1987. Our company has over 25 years of safe and efficient services in these areas; these years have enabled us to grow in experience and knowledge in the demolition industry.

We are proud to have completed projects with local redevelopment agencies and private sector companies such as McDonald’s Corporation, Wal-Mart, Target, Pacific Theaters and Bixby.

As the Midwest’s leading tree clearing company no project is too large or too small for Homer Tree Service, Inc. With over 160 pieces of meticulously maintained state-of-the-art land clearing equipment, 500+ combined years of industry expertise, and thousands of acres successfully cleared the Homer Tree Service team works efficiently, safely, 365 days a year to ensure your project is completed safely, on time, and within budget.

Clearing & Grubbing

Professional mass land clearing is a key component to the start of any large development or construction project. Although terrain can be almost as unpredictable as the weather Homer Tree Service has never failed or given up on a job. Our record of success spans from the rocky, glacial areas of Wisconsin, to steep hillsides and ravines in Texas. Homer Tree Service’s full service fleet of specially designed track-driven and heavy-duty equipment and highly trained operators will allow you to rest assured knowing your project is being handled by industry leading professionals.

We clear land quickly with no mess!

Bushwackers Land Clearing provides cost effective land clearing and brush grinding services. Our environmentally conscious approach keeps soil disturbance to a minimum and never leaves brush piles to burn.


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