Mass Excavation

Affordable Land Services LLC can make sure your property is built the way it was designed. We have moved millions of yards of dirt in and around the Houston area, putting countless jobs on grade. We utilize the latest cutting edge technology when it comes to the planning and execution of our projects. All of our equipment is outfitted with GPS to ensure accuracy and to expedite our scope of work.

  • Mass Excavation- We can remove small or large quantities of material quickly and efficiently.
  • Cut/Fill- We have the capabilities to balance your site by cutting and filling and utilizing the dirt you have on site.
  • Detention ponds- If proper water management is essential to your project, we can construct detention ponds to your project’s specifications.
  • Building pads- The proper building pad is crucial to the foundation for your project. ALS can make sure that it’s built in accordance with the geotechnical report to ensure the longevity of the foundation.