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Affordable Land Services

Providing for your needs in the areas of excavation, and land improvement.

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Welcome to Affordable Land Services. We’re a Houston area civil site work contractor with experience in commercial, industrial, multifamily, single family residential, educational, and oil and gas markets. Our clients include Houston area developers, engineers, realtors, home builders, general contractors, and businesses in the industrial and petrochemical sector. The scope of our work includes land clearing, excavation, drainage, site preparation, soil stabilization, underground utilities, demolition, and concrete paving.

Top Land Services And Construction If you are currently in the Houston area, and you need to hire a professional company in order to do land clearing of any kind, one of the top businesses is Affordable Land Services. This is a company that was established back in 2009, started by Jake Pennington, with nothing more than a skid steer mulcher. Since that time, he has become a premier land clearing service that does a multitude of jobs including working with demolition projects, concrete paving, mass excavations and of course land clearing of all kinds. Here is an overview of what ALS will be able to do for you if you are in the commercial or industrial construction industry in the Houston area and why this business can help you get the job done.

Land Clearing Houston

Land clearing is a process by which all of the natural materials an existing debris in a certain area are professionally removed. This can be anything including underbrush, root raking, debris removal, trench burning, and they can perform the grinding of debris. They focus on the complete clearing of any property that you are about to work on whether it is a residential area, municipal area, or if you have an industrial or commercial project that requires everything removed from the land.

Land Cearing Contractors Houston

The key to making sure that this works is that you need to work with a contractor that has extensive experience with the land clearing process. Many people will turn to ALS because of their ability to do the job right with their extensive fleet of equipment, allowing them to work on jobs both large and small. They have actually cleared 1000 acres alone in the Houston area, providing the best possible service available.

Land Clearing Services Houston

The services that they provide include the ability to do a complete clearing process in which brush, trees, rocks, in any type of debris that is on the land will be removed and disposed of. They are also experts at trench burning, and can easily grind organic material into smaller components and remove that debris without any problems.

Land Clearing Companies Houston

One of the many reasons that people will contact this land clearing company is because they have the manpower, equipment, and expertise necessary to do the job right the first time. They have been doing land clearing services for nearly a decade, and have helped commercial and industrial clients all throughout the Houston area.

Brush Clearing Houston

One of the primary jobs that they do extensively is the removal of brush which can be very thick, depending upon what part of Houston you are in. Even if you are in a surrounding area, brush can be a large problem, and they have the equipment necessary to quickly extract the brush and perform debris removal so that your construction site can be free and clear, allowing any contractor to get started right away.

Detention Pond Houston

A very important job that must be performed on any construction site is the creation of a detention pond. This is a low-lying area, one that is designed to hold a very specific amount of water which will subsequently be drained into an adjacent area. They are designed specifically for flood control.

Retention Pond Houston

Different from a detention pond, a retention pond is designed to hold a very specific amount of water. When the detention pond has the water flow out, it may be captured and held in the retention pond which is used as a backup for floodwaters that are coming in, and is typically quite large.

Stormwater Pond Liner Houston

If there is no liner at the bottom of the pond, the water could easily seep down below, and this is something that you will not want to have happen with a retention pond. If you want to keep a certain amount of water at all times, just like any other pond that you would create, the water must be prevented from percolating into the ground.

Detention Basin Houston

Most people have seen a detention basin before. It can also be called a retarding basin. These areas are excavated by ALS, installed adjacent to streams or rivers that are near the property, as well as lakes and bays, protecting the land from any type of excessive flooding.

Pond Maintenance Houston

One of the most important aspects of having upon is maintaining the pond. This will not be done by ALS except if they are called out for emergency situations. After they have installed the pond liner, it should remain functional as long as there is not extensive flooding which can actually bring rocks into the area which can cut the liner.

Pond Design Houston

The design of the pond is not just its shape and depth. It also has to do with what its purpose is for. Some of them are actually adjacent to structures, whereas others could be further away, and this company will know exactly where they should be situated.

Stormwater Detention Pond Houston

This is one of the most important types of ponds that can be installed. This is very true in the Houston area. Storms are very frequent due to its location within Texas, and therefore stormwater detention ponds are absolutely necessary, especially on flat areas where water can flow fast.

Soil Stabilization Houston

When representatives of ALS come out to inspect the ground, specifically where the ponds will be installed, they may have to perform what is called soil stabilization. Essentially, they will alter the soil to some degree in order to enhance its physical properties, enhancing the sheer strength of the soil thus improving its loadbearing capacity.

Lime Stabilization Houston

This is a process that is done to stabilize the soil, specifically the pavement subgrade soil which may contain clay. Lime stabilization simply refers to the interaction of lime and silica, as well as other minerals that have a high pH that is the result of an abundance of clay. To make the soil even stronger, soil cement is actually added to reinforce the strength of the land upon which things will be built.

Soil Cement Houston

As the name would suggest, this is simply a mixture of both soil and Portland cement, which when added to the dirt will cause it to have a much higher density. It will become a very hard yet durable material, the result of the process of hydration of the cement particles with the soil. This is often used in areas where extensive amounts of rain and flooding can occur.

Select Fill Houston

If you have done any construction projects before, you have likely seen this material that is used on many construction projects. This is used to fill lower areas, designed to increase its elevation. ALS can do both including completely clearing the land where the construction projects will be and can follow up with filling in the low areas.

Select Fill Dirt Houston

The type of dirt that is used is a combination of sand and clay. The goal is to make the dirt less pliable. Essentially, you want to build on something that is extremely firm, and in some cases the dirt will not be very firm at all, and the filter will fix this problem.

Fill Dirt Houston

This company will also know what type of filtered will work best. Preferably, it should never be screened. You will see contractors putting this in ditches, retaining walls, and also in holes in the ground, but it is primarily used as a leveling material.

Dirt Work Houston

This is a term that is often associated with generally everything involving the movement of Earth from one location to the other. It is very common to see this when people are excavating, perhaps with the intent of putting in plumbing and electrical pipes.

Gravel Driveway Houston

A gravel driveway is simply a driveway that has aggregate material on the top, something that is used in place of cement or asphalt. These are very common when construction crews are working in the area, and will subsequently be replaced by either a roadway or a driveway that will lead to the facility.

Road Construction Houston

You will see many road construction signs when people are at work, putting in roads that are brand-new. This is also common when they are rebuilding certain roads that have been damaged with potholes, and this type of construction is absolutely necessary for building and maintaining the infrastructure that we are all so used to.

Building Pads Houston

This is the area where the construction projects will be done. It is a specific area where the workers will be either building the buildings, roads, or taking care of other projects. These must be put into place before the project can come to an end, and are often eliminated once the construction project is done.

Laydown Yard Houston

When you drive past a construction site, there is a specific area called a laydown yard, an area where all of the large equipment is stored. More than likely, there will be multiple pieces of heavy equipment that are used to remove debris from the project area, dig trenches and ponds, and other forms of equipment that are used for the project.

Lay Down Yard Houston

What is interesting about the laydown yard area is that it can be very large, sometimes encompassing hundreds of acres. It may also be for the construction material that is being used to create the homes, buildings, and everything else that must be constructed, providing the workers with plenty of space to store the equipment and materials.

Pipe Yard Houston

This very specific area is designed for all things related to pipe which can refer to many different aspects of the construction project. Pipe can refer to that which is used for corrals, signs, barns, fences and even cattle guards.

Industrial Contractors Houston

All of these projects must be completed by industrial contractors, individuals that have experience with every possible construction project. They will understand what permits to get, what workers to hire, and the equipment that must be used in order to complete the job.

Civil Construction Houston

Differing slightly from industrial construction jobs, civil construction has to do with what is typically placed either under the buildings that are being constructed, or can also refer to bridges, highways, and tunnel construction projects. They are typically referring to the installation of pipelines, water treatment systems, sewers and even telecommunication lines, all things that are part of the construction project.

Heavy Civil Construction Houston

Related to basic civil construction are those things which are heavy civil construction projects which include the development of bridges, highways, public works, utilities and wastewater construction projects. The name is representative of the fact that all of these will require substantially heavy components, all of which will be stored in its own designated laydown yard.

Heavy Civil Construction Companies Houston

Finally, you will need to find a heavy civil construction company that is an expert in all areas related to the construction of bridges, wastewater construction projects, and highways if these are to be built. You will want to contact an industrial contractor that has been doing this for many years just to make sure that the construction of these many different civil projects will stay on track and be completed on time for those that are in charge at the jobsite.
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    Tom Johnston offers nationwide SEO and search engine optimization for national franchises and companies that want to show up for multiple cities and locations. Visit Me In conclusion, before any construction project can begin, it is important to work with a land services and construction company such as ALS Incorporated. If you have several projects in mind in the Houston area, or in neighboring cities and towns, this is the company that you will want to call. They are able to do everything from site prep which includes moisture control, cement stabilization, compaction and also the replacing or stripping of topsoil. They can have everything ready for the construction team once they arrive, making sure that the ground is level and ready to use. Contact them today to find out more about their business, and if they have any available time in the near future. This is the best company in Houston for concrete paving, demolition, excavations, and most certainly land clearing, a business that can handle any project that you have in mind.

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